Weekes Of Merthyr Company History

Mr Martin Weekes, who currently runs the company, is the sixth generation Weekes. The business celebrated the remarkable and historical achievement of selling and distributing "sweets" in Merthyr Tydfil and the South Wales area for more than 169 years.

In 2021 Weekes will officially celebrate a milestone of 170 years of business.

In 1851 Weekes opened as a retail shop on the same premises as today in Merthyr Tydfil. Mrs Weekes was the first of the family to start the business, she made her own boiled sweets and distributed them herself.

The second generation William (son of Mrs Weekes) manufactured sugar boiling sweets and used a horse and cart to wholesale the stock, no high fuel charges in those days. Due to the popularity of the business, Weekes started to deliver to other South Wales valleys.

The third generation, Martin's grandfather Cyril and his brother Bert became partners of the family firm in 1931. They began traditional wholesaling and formed a limited company in 1956 bringing the name of the business to WEEKES BROS (MERTHYR) LTD, which it is still proudly known today. During the two world wars the company purchased the first delivery van to be used in Merthyr Tydfil, which caused rivalry between other wholesalers and excitement to others in the town.

The sudden death of Cyril left his son Ronald to take over to help Bert Weekes (his uncle) whom later retired in 1976 from the business. Ronald Weekes, who was only 23 years old when he took over the firm, expanded the company through the 60's and 70's. Ronald retired from the company in 1995, he spent 46 years with the business leaving his son Martin to carry on the family tradition.

Weekes Bros are a member of Sugro UK Ltd, a trading group made up of 48 wholesalers, the biggest independent group in the UK. Martin had the great honour to be elected to the Sugro board of directors in 2006. This appointment has enhanced the strength of Weekes Bros in the market place.

In the Mid 70's there were 66 traditional wholesalers in South Wales, out of those only Weekes Bros is left. We are a proud Welsh company who pride ourselves on service and courtesy to our customers whatever their size.

From 1851 to the present day, Weekes Bros have endeavoured to service their customers to the highest standard and we will continue to sustain this standard for many years to come


1-2 Dynevor Street
Merthyr Tydfil
CF48 1AY


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